About Us

Being the first of its kind in Johor Bahru.

The Metallic Kitchen was set up using recycled shipping containers, instead of constructing a new structure or building, making it more environmentally friendly. The containers were then stacked and redesigned in modernism style with colourful and vibrant colours. This unique design allows patrons to enjoy their drinks within the cosy box, providing them with a new yet different dining experience.

Attractive Menu

Not only the new concept end up winning the hearts of our local community, it also attracts many people from other states.

In fact, aside from the tasty drinks and ambience The Metallic Kitchen provides, people also visit for their in-house specials such as spaghetti, grilled chicken whole leg and cheesy meatballs.

Happy Customer

Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement

At here in The Metallic Kitchen, we let customer to speak for us! A customer talking about their experience with us is worth ten times that which we write or say about ourselves.

Promotion & Latest News

Stay tuned for our page,there's more exciting promo waiting for you.We will be uploading the lastest news for you everyday.